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The Public Programs will present a series of talks that bring together experts from the art world to exchange knowledge and expertise on a variety of exciting and relevant topics that impact the larger cultural ecosystem today. Running from December 11 to 15, the opening week will feature local, regional, and international voices including: Simon Denny, Abdullah Al Othman, Sam Bardaouil, Geof Oppenheimer, Ahmed Mater, Todd Reisz, Manal Al Dowayan, and many others. Get inspired by our speakers and don’t miss the chance to hear artists participating in the Biennale speak about their work!

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Join us and be part of the Biennale’s masterclasses led by established arts organizations,  such as  Sotheby’s Institute of Art and Urban Arts Projects (UAP), and designed to help artists and art professionals propel their growth within the art and culture sector with both theoretical and practical courses vital to the Kingdom's art scene today. 

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Wadi Cinema is a new film screening space that is sponsored by Muvi and Telfaz 11 and is uniquely situated in the Biennale overlooking JAX district and Wadi Hanifa. Wadi Cinema will showcase a variety of international and local films as well as host panels for directors, actors, and critics to highlight the art of film-making in its various forms and to discuss the context of production in the Arab world. If you are a film fan, don’t miss the chance to learn more about how art and cinema are interwoven, and turns a film into a classic that can stand the test of time.

“Tickets can be purchased at Wadi Cinema at the Biennale or on Muvi app”

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Diriyah Contemporary Art Biennale will launch its panel series with a unique session featuring the CEO of the Diriyah Biennale Foundation and the team that made the first edition possible. The following sessions will feature unique conversations between artists with similar philosophies or intersecting practices including Dr. Zahrah Al Ghamdi and Sir Richard Long, Lulwah Al-Homoud and Han Mengyun, Ayman Zedani and Timur Si-Qin, among others. The panels aim to create opportunities for ongoing cross-cultural dialogue and enriching conversations that transcend borders and celebrate diverse perspectives.

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Come and join the fun at the Biennale!
Book a 4, 5 or 9-day kids camp experience that starts from the 7th of January - to the 15th of January offering stimulating activities for those aged between 4 to 13 years old. The camp’s all-day activities will focus on arts and crafts classes as well as design-thinking and problem-solving exercises to promote emotional, physical, and mental strength and intelligence through creative empowerment.

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DB (Diriyah Biennale) Art 101s are a series of introductory talks on foundational concepts in art and culture led by specialists in the field. What is contemporary art? What is the role of a curator? What is art law? What is a biennale? Experts will provide answers to these and other key topics essential to the growth of the art and culture sector in the Kingdom. Widen your arts and culture knowledge base by understanding the many aspects of the flourishing art and culture sector.

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Creative Experiences at the biennale are centred around developing new communities and networks by engaging audiences in fun and lively activities, such as film screenings, open mics and storytelling sessions, quiz nights, as well as opportunities to explore new ideas and concepts with artists at our coffee mornings. 

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Designed for all ages, our engaging and educational workshops range from 1-hour activities through to 3-day immersive sessions,  covering subjects from theory and creative development through to applied arts and crafts techniques. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn new skills.

With its well-rounded series of activities for all ages and audiences, Diriyah Contemporary Art Biennale’s Public Program inspires creative dialogue across cultures while enhancing and supporting the local ecosystem and lays the foundation for sustainable, long-lasting engagement. 

The program draws inspiration from art and culture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond, facilitating educational explorations and the sharing of knowledge and best practices with access to leading voices in the field.