Creative Experiences at the biennale are centred around developing new communities and networks by engaging audiences in fun and lively activities, such as film screenings, open mics and storytelling sessions, quiz nights, as well as opportunities to explore new ideas and concepts with artists at our coffee mornings. 

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A Walk with Richard Long

Edge of the World (Limited Capacity)

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Challenges of the Creative Mind Session 

This session is dedicated to all creative minds. This session will explore the mental challenges that creative individuals usually face and the kind of expressions that trigger their minds. Dr. Amar will highlight how we deal with the creative block, why it happens as well as share solutions that anybody can apply to overcome the block in everyday life.

Limited Capacity 

Language: Arabic

By: Dr. Amar Behbehani

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Ithra Art Society – Art means to live better

Participants: Abdullah AlOthman

Moderator: Kumail Almusaly

Brought to you by Ithra

Language: Arabic

Age: Adults

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Artists Afternoon Coffee with

Marwah AlMugait

The Diriyah Contemporary Art Biennale invites artists to come together to socialize, talk about their practices, challenges, and share knowledge and experiences in a casual gathering.